"20" - LED Lettering - Neon Sign


Size: 50cm
Color: white
Dimmer & Control: Yes
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All NEONMONKI LED Neon Signs are 100% handmade, free of any toxins and 100% free of gas and glass. Thanks to the use of the latest LED technology, the power consumption is reduced by 90% compared to conventional glass neon lamps. In addition, NEONMONKI LED Neon Signs are more shatterproof and quieter (no "hum") than conventional glass neon signs.


This NEONMONKI LED illuminated lettering "20" is available in different colors and sizes as well as with or without dimming function and can optionally also be used outdoors.

  • Sizes: 50cm, 75cm, 100cm, 150cm
  • Colors: cold white, warm white, yellow, orange, red, rose, pink, purple, light green, green, light blue, blue
  • Dimming function
  • Outdoor Use: Please contact our Customer Service for the request.


A big party, an event, a birthday or a celebration is just around the corner? It's time for a NEONMONKI neon sign. With the "20" neon sign, every room or open air event is transformed into a special event location.

Do you have any questions about NEONMONKI products? No problem! Just contact our Customer Service and we will contact you personally as soon as possible.

You want your own logo or design as a neon sign? No problem. Click here to send us a neon sign request directly.

You want your own logo or design as an illuminated sign? No problem. Click here to send us directly an illuminated sign request.

You want your own logo or design as a light box? No problem. Click here to send us directly a light box request.


We at NEONMONKI create custom & personalized LED neon signs, illuminated signs, illuminated letters and light boxes for indoor and outdoor use. No matter for what occasion. Whether for a wedding, a birthday, a company anniversary or a party & event - But also a customized neon LED lamp or neon sign with a company logo, name or symbol for a restaurant, an office, a practice or simply for your home. We create the perfect LED neon lamp, neon sign, illuminated letters or lightbox according to your ideas. Our 24/7 customer service will be happy to advise you personally.

Energy efficiency class



Scope of Delivery
The scope of delivery of each NEONMONKI Neon LED Sign includes:

  • Neon LED Sign
  • Power supply with power plug (EU)
  • Spacer for wall mounting

50cm - max. 6 letters per line
75cm - max. 9 letters per line
100cm - max. 12 letters per line
150cm - max. 18 letters per line
200cm - max. 24 letters per line
250cm - max. 30 letters per line

NEONMONKI offers Neon LED Signs in the following eleven standard colors:

  • cold white
  • warm white
  • yellow
  • orange
  • red
  • rose
  • pink
  • purple
  • turquoise
  • green
  • light blue
  • blue


Below is an animation that graphically depicts the different colors.

NEONMONKI - Farbkarte

Not sure about the color?
No problem. Please contact our Customer Service or directly send us an Inquiry. You are also welcome to use our configurator to find the right color.

Area of application
We at NEONMONKI can produce LED lighting for both indoor and outdoor areas. In the "Area of Application" selection field, please enter the area in which the LED lighting is to be used / mounted. Please note that the outdoor version is only suitable for temporary outdoor use. If you are looking for outdoor lighting that is 100% exposed to the weather (sun, rain, snow, etc.), please contact our Customer Service.

Dimming function
We at NEONMONKI offer our LED lighting both with and without a dimming function. This function is easily controlled via a remote control, which is included in the scope of delivery if the dimming function is required. In the "Dimming Functon" selection field, please indicate whether you need the dimming function or not. Below you will find an example video of the dimming function for our LED lighting. If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service.

All NEONMONKI Neon LED Signs are attached to a polished acrylic glass plate (various options) using a complex production process.

Back option: "adapted" to shape / fontRear option: "rectangular"
Not sure about the back?
No problem. Just contact our Customer Service.

Power plug
All NEONMONKI Neon LED Signs can be produced with the following national power plugs:

  • EU
  • UK
  • US / CAN
  • AU / NZ
  • CH

By default, all NEONMONKI Neon LED Signs are delivered with an EU power plug. Not sure about the power plug?
No problem. Just contact our 
Customer Service.



Front- & Rückbeleuchtung

3D Beleuchtung



Der Lieferumfang jeder NEONMONKI Leuchtreklame / Leuchtbuchstaben umfasst:

  • Leuchtreklame / Leuchtbuchstaben
  • Netzteil mit Stromstecker (EU)
  • Montageset mit -anleitung
  • Dimmer & Fernbedienung (optional)
  • Herstellergarantie

NEONMONKI bietet Leuchtreklamen / Leuchtbuchstaben in den folgenden zwölf Standardelementfarben an:

  • kaltweiß
  • warmweiß
  • gelb
  • orange
  • rot
  • rosa
  • pink
  • lila
  • türkis
  • grün
  • hellblau
  • blau

Natürlich produziert NEONMONKI auch Leuchtreklamen / Leuchtbuchstaben in jeder individuellen Farbe. Kontaktiere dazu bitte unsere Kundenservice oder sende uns direkt eine AnfrageGerne kannst du auch unseren Konfigurator nutzen, um die passende Farbe zu finden.

Alle NEONMONKI Leuchtreklamen / Leuchbuchstaben sind zu 100% witterungsbeständig (Sonne, Regen, Schnee, etc.). Wenn Du Fragen zum Einsatzbereich hast, kontaktiere bitte unseren Kundenservice.

Wir von NEONMONKI bieten unsere Leuchtreklamen / Leuchtbuchstaben sowohl mit als auch ohne Dimmfunktion an. Diese Funktion wird ganz einfach über eine Fernbedienung, die bei gewünschter Dimmfunktion im Lieferumfang enthalten ist, gesteuert. Gib in dem Auswahlfeld "Dimmbar" bitte an, ob du die Dimmfunktion benötigst oder nicht. Bei Fragen kontaktiere bitte unseren Kundenservice.

Alle NEONMONKI Leuchtreklamen / Leuchtbuchstaben werden mit verschiedenen Rückseiten bzw. Trägeroptionen angeboten.

Rückseite Option: "einzelne Leuchtbuchstaben"
NEONMONKI - einzelne Buchstaben

Rückseite Option: "auf Trägerschiene"
NEONMONKI - Trägerschiene

Rückseite Option: "auf Trägerplatte"
NEONMONKI - Trägerplatte

Du bist Dir mit der Rückseite bzw. Trägeroption nicht sicher?
Kein Problem. Kontaktiere einfach unseren Kundenservice.


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