We at NEONMONKI produce individualpersonalized neon signs and illuminated signs.

Regardless of the occasion. Whether for a wedding, a birthday, a company anniversary or a party & event - As well as customized neon LED signs or and illuminated signs with a company logo, name or a symbol for a restaurant, an office, a practice or simply for your home. We have the right solution. And if you can't find it directly in our online shop, please contact us via the contact form or directly send us an inquiry for your personalized NEONMONKI neon LED sign or and illuminated sign.



NEONMONKI is a young German company that focuses on the field of high-quality lighting for indoor and outdoor use - both for private and commercial purposes. Our vision is to establish the unique neon world, art and advertising technology more present.

NEONMONKI - Philosophie


NEONMONKI already has the right solution ready and if not we will find it. Because there are no limits to creativity. No matter what size, color, font or which symbol. We create a lighting element exactly according to your ideas.

With a focus on sustainability, they have found an innovative technology to produce unique neon signs with shatterproof acrylic and LED lamps. These are 100% free of gas and glass! Also, the power consumption is reduced by 90% compared to conventional glass tubes. We also use this innovative LED technology convincingly in the field of illuminated advertising.

NEONMONKI - Expertise


NEONMONKI produces individual and customizable neon lamps, advertisements, light boxes and individual lighting elements for various occasions. Whether a company logo as a neon LED lamp or illuminated sign, a neon lettering for a wedding decoration or simply a personalized neon sign for your own four walls.



NEONMONKI consists of a team of young, motivated and innovative minds.


neonmonki - Andy
Andy, Founder


neonmonki - Dustin 
Dustin, Co-Founder

NEONMONKI - Angelina
Angelina, Customer Service

NEONMONKI - Sebastian
Sebastian, Logistic Expert



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