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You are looking for a stunningly bright and eye-catching illuminated sign? Then NEONMONKI is the perfect choice! With several years of experience in design and manufacturing, we strive to provide our customers with the best quality possible.

Thanks to our extensive selection of designs, we have something for everyone. Whether you're looking for classic or innovative and contemporary styles, you'll find it with us! Plus, the process is seamless and fast.

From start to finish, our experienced technicians work hard to ensure your satisfaction. Buy your very own custom illuminated sign today!

What is an illuminated sign?

An illuminated sign is an eye-catching sign display that is illuminated to attract attention. It can be used for a variety of purposes such as displaying existing services and products to warning messages.

An illuminated sign not only provides an ideal outdoor advertising opportunity. It also creates an aesthetic ambient effect that attracts attention indoors.

What are illuminated signs made of?

Illuminated signs are a great way to attract attention and add a touch of style to any business. But what is such a product made of? Below we will go over the materials and components used for illuminated signs.

Components of the illuminated sign

Illuminated advertising essentially consists of two components:

  • A light source
  • A light box

The light source is usually LED lighting, which provides incredible brightness. At the same time, it does not consume large amounts of electricity and does not heat up.

LED light signs are also incredibly versatile: they come in a variety of colors and can be dimmed. You can even add other special effects to personalize your illuminated sign. Plus, this type of lighting lasts up to 50 times longer than traditional light bulbs!

The light box houses the LED panel and protects it from potential damage or weather. Depending on the design, it also provides additional effects by directing the light. NEONMONKI manufactures its high-quality lights from acrylic glass. This is a low-maintenance and weather-resistant material.

How are illuminated signs made?

How the manufacturing process of such LED signs looks like, we explain to you here, so you know exactly what to expect from us. This is how you create your individual neon sign:

The design process

The process of manufacturing begins with the design. On our website you will find a wide range of designs with which you can create your personalized illuminated sign. You can choose from the following:

  • The size: 50 - 250 cm
  • The text: 6 (50 cm) to 20 (250 cm) letters are possible per line
  • The font: 30 standard fonts, own design or logo possible
  • The colors: 12 standard colors
  • The Usage: Indoor or outdoor (please contact us if you want to use your neon sign outdoors all year round)
  • The dimming function: Yes or no?
  • The back: Optional, adapted to shape/lettering or rectangular
  • The power plug: For EU, UK, US/CAN, AU/NZ or CH
  • The lighting direction: front and/or back lighting or 3D lighting
  • The carrier options: Individual illuminated letters, on a carrier rail or on a carrier plate

You are looking for something different? Then you can contact us for a more customized design, because we will adapt to your needs. Once the above options are set, our designers will start creating your neon sign.


Once the design is complete, it's time for production. Imagine this process like a puzzle, where all the individual parts are handmade and assembled based on your specifications. NEONMONKI creates the desired lettering in the lighting of your choice and takes into account all decorative elements.

Last but not least, we test the finished LED sign to make sure it works properly. Once the process is complete, we ship your unique work!


When your illuminated sign arrives, you can start mounting it right away! Install it with the supplied accessories outdoors or indoors - depending on the previously specified location. For this purpose, brackets are usually attached to walls or poles, to which the individual parts of the illuminated sign are then attached.

You can find detailed instructions under "Assembly & Installation".

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What are the advantages of illuminated signs?

Illuminated signs offer a number of benefits. These include:

  1. They are visually appealing and fit well into various environments.
  2. They illuminate even the darkest corners and therefore always stand out.
  3. Our illuminated signs are energy efficient, which saves you money and is environmentally friendly!

LED and neon illuminated signs differ from each other in the process of generating the light. A neon illuminated sign uses real glass tubes that are filled and electrically ignited to create the iconic glow effect.

In contrast, illuminated signs arrange LEDs that are connected together. The goal here is for them to mimic the look of an evenly lit, neon-like surface. Both neon signs and illuminated signs are attractive visual elements that add a special flair to any space.

Illuminated signs, however, are now on the rise and are preferred by many people as an attractive and affordable signage method. Unlike ordinary neon signs, illuminated signs do not contain a gas mixture of neon, argon or hydrogen sulfide.

They use LED lighting, which is more efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs and has a longer lifespan. Plus, these compact LEDs allow for more design flexibility. This means that you can better customize such a product.

What should you look for when buying illuminated signs?

Before you order lighting for your home or business, you should consider some important aspects. These are:

Choose the right size

The size of the illuminated sign is an important factor. If you order a size that is too large or too small, your sign may not provide the desired effect. Therefore, measure the room or area where you want to place the sign. This will help you determine exactly what size will fit best.

Technical aspects

Have you found the perfect place for your neon sign? Then it becomes a bit more technical. In this important point you should consider the following points:

  • Is there an electrical outlet or do you need an electrician?
  • Is the wall stable enough?
  • Do you hang the illuminated sign indoors or do you need an outdoor model?

Why you should choose NEONMONKI

When it comes to buying LED illuminated signs, NEONMONKI is an excellent choice. We make each sign to the highest standards, using only quality materials that are sturdy and durable.

Our designs are unique and eye-catching. They will make any room special. We also provide you with the best possible customer service and fast delivery times at all times. So if you want to create stunning designs, NEONMONKI is the best choice for you!