Neon Hochzeit: 10 Neon LED Beleuchtungsideen für den schönsten Tag im Leben

When two people get married, the decoration has to be right. If you're still thinking about how to give your wedding a unique personality and a lot of style, we at NEONMONKI have the ultimate solution for you: a Wedding Neon Sign! Whether you want to illuminate the ceremony or you're looking for the perfect backdrop for a photo wall, you're guaranteed to get plenty of compliments from your wedding guests thanks to this fancy decoration with vintage flair. 

The following 10 ideas on how to add glamour and glow to your wedding with neon can serve as inspiration when preparing the most beautiful day of your life. In our online store you will find a wide collection of neon signs that will undoubtedly amaze every guest at your wedding.


1. says Cheese! Neon for the photo wall at your wedding

Whether it's a selfie point or a professional photo corner, a decorated wall for your guests' snapshots is something no wedding should be without. Not only will it keep friends and family busy while the couple has professional photos taken, but you'll also get great keepsake photos that will last forever. 

A neon sign in combination with flowers or simply green leaves will make the wall look even more interesting and stylish. Here we have some ideas for a neon lettering on a photo wall:

  • Say Cheese
  • Crazy in love
  • Good Vibes only

NEONMONKI - Good Vibes Only - Neonsign



2. beautify the altar at your wedding with neon

Julia and Tim wanted a modern wedding that emphasized the urban character of their shared history. For years, they have been traveling from city to city, hitting the clubs of Europe together. Contrary to the expectations of conventional wedding guests, they wanted the altar at their wedding ceremony to represent their personal style. In doing so, they came across NEONMONKI and the 'Happily Ever After' neon sign.

Of course, this modern touch at the altar is not to everyone's taste. But if you like the colorful lighting, reminiscent of trendy neighborhoods and nightlife, you can definitely incorporate it into the ceremony. Whether parts of the vows or a message for the future, a Wedding Neon Sign at the altar of your wedding is guaranteed to be an eye-catcher. For example, how about:  

  • You & Me
  • ‘Til Death
  • Always & Forever

NEONMONKI - Til Death - Neonlampe Hochzeit



3. neon to welcome guests and guide the way.

When the ceremony is over and you want to welcome your guests to a memorable party, a neon sign is guaranteed to serve as a great welcome. Whether at the entrance to the venue or as an invitation to celebrate, the glowing lettering will quickly set the mood. The whole thing can also be combined with a statement about the reason for the festivity, which is proven by these Wedding Neon Signs:

  • The best is yet to come
  • And so the adventure begins
  • Enjoy today

NEONMONKI - And so the adventure begins - Neonlampe



4. neon for the bar

What's a wedding reception without drinks? A bit boring, isn't it? Guaranteed not boring is a neon sign for the bar of your wedding. At the champagne reception, at the edge of the dance floor or for the cocktail bar, a neon sign will attract every thirsty guest. The following neon LED lamps are suitable for this purpose:

  • Cheers my dears
  • Drunk in love
  • But first, bubbles

NEONMONKI - Cheers my Dears für Deine Hochzeit



5. neon on the dance floor of your wedding

Tina and Clemens love to dance and wanted a wedding where absolutely every guest would shake a leg. For the two of them it was especially important that all the attention is placed on the dance floor, where a call to celebrate must come to light. That's why they chose the NEONMONKI 'Let's Party' sign. Other possible neon signs that will light up the dance floor at your wedding are these:

  • No excuses
  • Let’s dance
  • Life is a party

NEONMONKI - Lets Party Neonlampe für Deine Party



6. your names or initials immortalized in neon

If you like it more individual and especially want to buy a neon sign that you can later hang up in the common home, NEONMONKI is just right. With our free configurator you can immortalize your own names in neon. Whether it's 'Mr and Mrs Bauer', 'Max and Lisa' or 'The Millers', with a custom neon sign at a wedding the full attention will be on the couple of the hour. A little more subtle, but guaranteed to catch the eye: your initials or a monogram.

NEONMONKI - Hochzeit - Fam. Pülm Neon


7. make a statement with neon

Fortunately, same-sex love is not illegal in Germany and many other European countries. But unfortunately, this is not the case everywhere in the world. Hoping to send a clear message to the world, numerous couples choose a sign with a clear statement for their wedding. A Neon Wedding Sign can emphasize this message in a glamorous and stylish way:

  • Love is Love
  • Because Love
  •  Mr and Mr oder Mrs and Mrs
  • You and Me

NEONMONKI - You and Me Neonschild

8. your favorite song in neon

Nothing expresses a declaration of love as directly as a love song. The lyrics of the Beatles, Elvis Presleys or Frank Sinatras reflect best how you and your partner feel. So why not chisel this feeling into neon for your wedding? These Wedding Neon Signs will also look great on your bedroom wall. Love rocks! with these examples:

  • All you need is love
  • Love is in the air
  • Bring me a higher love

NEONMONKI - Love is in the air - Neonschriftzug für Hochzeit



9. buffet and dessert bar illuminate with neon

"The buffet is open!" - Every wedding guest waits for these magic words. Julia and Sabrina are also absolute foodies and have put a lot of effort into their wedding menu. So of course it's worth highlighting the buffet. That's why they chose our 'Hungry' neon sign.

Ever heard of a donut wall? Or do you have a board where you only find cakes and desserts? These highlights will also stand out with a neon sign at your wedding.

  • BBQ
  • Hungry
  • Sweet love


NEONMONKI - Hungry - Neonschild



10. provide a quiet corner at your wedding with warm neon LED light

Every wild party needs a place where you can also take a breather. After all, old friends and good acquaintances finally meet again and want to exchange ideas. A cozy corner with comfortable armchairs and some warm light invites you to chill and chat. To create the right atmosphere, you can hang a heart or a lettering made of neon LED. Here are a few ideas for you:

  • Herz
  • Jesus said chill
  • Better together

NEONMONKI - Better Together Neonlicht für Deine Hochzeit



A few tips on neon LED signs to finish off

Decorating with neon can add a lot of style and glamour to your wedding. The unique combination of modernity and retro chic will undoubtedly become an absolute eye-catcher. But to make the investment really worthwhile, we have a few tips for you:

  1. Keep it minimalist: A neon sign only comes into its own when it is the center of attention and no other object in the vicinity draws attention to it.
  1. Flowers and leaves for the background: Thus, the neon lettering can be integrated into the decoration theme of your wedding and also stylishly combined with elegant elements.
  1. The right location: In order for the neon sign to have the right effect at your wedding, you should choose the perfect location. The best place is where you can see it from a distance.
  1. It doesn't always have to be lettering: You can also choose illustrated neon signs. For example, a heart or two joined hands. This also expresses your confession of love!
  1. Follow your color scheme: At NEONMONKI you can order any neon sign in 12 fantastic colors. There is guaranteed something for the color concept of your wedding.


Now enjoy the most important day of your life and let yourself and your partner really celebrate in the glow of your neon sign on your wedding.




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