LED Wanddeko: Vergleich - LED vs. klassische Neon aus Glas

Finally the time has come! You've chosen a neon sign for your home or store and the precious merchandise is now on its way to you. You can't wait to present the stylish LED wall decoration to your friends or customers and have an exciting time in its soft light. But before the time comes, you are surely thinking about the installation. But in terms of safety and gun performance you want to have certainty.

And how do you actually maintain LED lamps? We want to answer all these questions in the following article.


Mounting the LED wall decoration: what to consider?

Now it's finally here: the NEONMONKI LED lamp just the way you like it. Now you want to mount it on your wall as soon as possible to make a statement. Do not worry, the assembly is very simple and fast.

How can I fix the LED wall decoration?

All NEONMONKI neon LED lamps are supplied with pre-drilled holes (which are positioned by us to ensure stability).

In addition, you will get from us spacers for a proper and handsome wall mounting, so that the LED wall decoration can really come into its own.

Many NEONMONKI neon LED lamps have 12 volts, so they can be connected to a standard power outlet in your store or home. They come with a suitable power supply and EU power plugs. However, you are welcome to ask us to use a US, UK, AU or CH plug so that we can take this into account during production.


Where can I mount the neon LED lamp?

You can mount your LED lettering or wall decoration on any wall or leave it free in the room. Even hanging from the ceiling is possible! For this you just need to let us know when ordering, so that we can take it into account during production and send you the appropriate device.

Thus, there are no limits to your creativity in the room design. Even our "Don't quit/ Do it" LED sign above the toilet is an option.


How much does the LED wall decoration weigh?

Unfortunately, we have to admit that size does matter. At least to determine the weight of a LED lamp. Our standard sizes are 50, 75, 100 or 150cm. Larger or smaller is also possible, but must be discussed with our customer service.

On average, the LED signs in our standard sizes weigh two to eight kilos. So nothing stands in the way of easy installation.

How long is the cable of the neon sign and where is it attached?

The transparent cable that goes from your LED wall decoration to the power supply is about 3 m long. From there, a 1.5 m cable goes to the plug. So the total length is about 4.5 m. However, this may vary for the RGB or full color variant. If you need a shorter cable, we can deliver it. Again, all you need to do is contact our friendly customer service team, which will verify a proper shortening/adjustment of the cable with production.

By default, the cable is attached to the bottom right of your LED wall decoration. Is your outlet to the left of the wall where the sign should hang? No problem! We can determine in the production quite arbitrarily from where the cable should go out. So the product can be customized to your specific requirements.

When do I need a special installation service?

For larger power supplies, a licensed electrical contractor must be hired for installation to ensure proper installation. Otherwise, however, installation can be done by anyone who has ever used a drill and screwdriver.

Do not worry about the safety of the LED wall decoration!

If you are worried about whether it is safe to install a LED wall decoration, we can reassure you. Compared to neon lamps made of glass, neon LED lamps are much safer, which is only one of many advantages of neon LED signs.

Doesn't the LED wall decoration get hot when used for too long?

No, the LED lettering and logos will not get hot at all because of the way they work. Even during long operation, there is no danger from the LED wall decoration.

Can NEONMONKI LED lamps be installed in households with children and pets?

Absolutely! Since the LED wall decoration does not get hot and the acrylic glass installation is relatively unbreakable, they can be installed in any room, except for rooms with increased humidity (eg bathroom) and in any household. Just make sure that neither children nor pets have access to the cable and power supply.

Are LED lamps safe for outdoor use?

Our outdoor variants, which can be selected with every product order, should only be used temporarily outdoors. If you are looking for outdoor lighting that is 100% exposed to the weather (sun, rain, snow, etc.), contact our customer service and we will find a solution for that as well.

LED wall decoration maintenance

You want to enjoy your new precious neon LED lamp as long as possible and not worry about possible damage? No problem! Because NEONMONKI products don't need much to survive. Actually just some love and admiration! A "WOW" here and there is guaranteed not to hurt.

How long can I use my LED wall decoration?

The life span of LED lamps is between 30,000 and 50,000 hours. So you can turn on your wall decoration for 10 hours every day for at least eight years.

The only thing that could shorten the life of your neon LED wall decoration is high temperatures, for example due to direct sunlight, or electrical surges and fluctuations.

Possibly, the power supply may give up long before the LED lamp. If this happens within the warranty period of 12 months, we will replace it free of charge. After that, of course, we can help you out with a replacement part.

How can I clean my LED lamp?

To clean your LED wall decoration, all you need is a dry microfiber cloth. This will also remove the fingerprints of the somewhat too tactile admirers who can't keep their fingers off your LED wall decoration.

How can I transport my neon LED sign?

If you have to move, you can transport your LED sign exactly as you received it. It is best to keep the packaging for this purpose. If you don't want to do this, standard bubble wrap can be used. This will not only keep the neon LED lamp safe and protect it from bumps, but can also provide the right entertainment during the move.

Now you should have a detailed overview of the installation, safety and maintenance of your LED lamp. Now nothing stands in the way of upgrading your store, office or living room with your new LED wall decor!

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