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Looking for the perfect way to give your room a unique flair? Then you can design a neon sign yourself. There are amazing custom neon signs available in all shapes and sizes, so you can let your creativity run wild.

Neon signs not only spice up any room. With a range of fonts, colors, sizes, and materials – whether decorative wall art or illuminated numbers – you can create original and individual light artworks.

Can I design a neon sign myself?

Yes, you can design unique and inspiring neon signs yourself! And since we adhere to the highest quality standards, you will be able to enjoy your design for a very long time. Here's how it works:

  1. Go to a configurator to be able to design your neon sign yourself.
  2. Choose a size, the text, the font, the color, the backside, the application area, and optional features.
  3. Now click on "Add to cart". And if the right design is not there for you or you want to design your neon sign yourself and add a logo, we are always available to help you personally!

With NEONMONKI, you have access to a multitude of exciting typographic layout ideas – from basic text to detailed illustrations. For special requirements, our team of experts is available to you.

You'll be surprised every time at how quickly our design department produces productive results. Our endeavor is to provide you with the best possible neon signs, which can be used both indoors and outdoors.

What are the benefits of a self-designed neon sign?

Effective advertising is the foundation of every successful business. One of the best ways to spark the interest of potential customers is the use of neon signs. They are large, bright, and noticeable. They can convey a powerful message that encourages prospects to visit your business.

However, there is a risk that your company will be lost in the crowd if you use the same neon sign as other businesses. That's why a business should design its own neon signs. This gives you the opportunity to present your brand in a unique way. But how exactly does a business benefit from this?

Custom Design

One of the greatest strengths of self-designed neon signs is that they can be tailored specifically to a brand and its needs. You can choose individual colors, the font, and the size, ensuring your brand is best represented.

This is particularly important, for example, when introducing a new logo. When businesses design LED signs themselves, they announce these innovations in a stylish way.


Self-designed neon signs also offer many creative possibilities to excite potential customers. With the endless selection of fonts, colors, and graphics, you can present your message in a variety of ways, ensuring your neon sign stands out from the crowd.


A custom neon sign can also help ensure your advertising is successful in the long term. People see them more often, as the LED lighting lasts for many years, providing high recognition value.

Increasing Customer Interest

If you can design a unique and appealing neon sign yourself, it's possible for your business to remain in customers' minds. In this way, you can even win new customers who become aware of you because of your extraordinary advertising.

If you get potential customers to take a second look at the neon sign, you increase your chances of new business.

What should I consider when designing my neon sign myself?

A well-designed neon sign can help increase your business's visibility and revenue. If you want to design a neon sign yourself, there are some important things to consider. These aspects are crucial:

  • Choose the right design: Before you design an LED neon sign yourself, you should choose a design that suits your business and reflects its flair and values.
  • Consider the message you want to convey: What purpose should your neon sign serve? Should it display the name of your business or convey a certain message? Make sure your message is easy to understand and clear.
  • Choose the right colors: The colors of your neon sign play an important role in attracting customers. Use vibrant hues and make sure they are strong enough to stand out even in bad weather or at night.
  • Think about the size: The size of the neon sign is also an important factor. Make sure it's large enough to be easily readable from a distance. At the same time, it should not be too large.


How can I design a neon sign myself?

With the configurator from NEONMONKI, you can put your creative ideas into practice and design an impressive neon sign yourself. First, choose the size, text, font, and color suitable for your business. Personalize your neon sign with the background and optional features.

What are the benefits of a neon sign?

It's a promising way to quickly draw attention and thus attract potential customers. Particularly at night or in bad weather, an illuminated advertisement immediately catches the eye and is therefore more effective than a traditional billboard or poster.

How do I choose the right neon sign for my business?

Choose the right design that conveys your message and attracts customer attention. Color is another important factor in advertising, as it evokes emotions and associations. Also, size is relevant. The neon sign should be clearly visible, but not too exaggerated.

How do I maintain a neon sign?

To ensure your neon LED lamp always shines and advertises in the best way, regular maintenance is necessary. An easy way to clean the surfaces and maintain a shiny appearance is to use a dry microfiber cloth.

If you encounter heavier dirt, you should contact our customer service.

Conclusion: Easily create your own neon sign with NEONMONKI

NEONMONKI offers you a revolutionary way to design your own neon sign. You no longer have to search long for the perfect sign. With NEONMONKI, you can easily design your own sign that makes any room shine.

Choose from a variety of colors and designs that match your unique style. With customizable neon signs, you make a statement in your home or business. Design something striking, fun, and fabulous with NEONMONKI – it's easier than ever!

Let NEONMONKI do the work while you sit back. Our high-quality material ensures these luminous works of art last for years and require minimal maintenance. Don't settle for the ordinary – instead, design something extraordinary with NEONMONKI!

Start today and experience the difference – let it shine brighter tomorrow!